Let’s just call it a health food at this point.

And how we can figure out the difference once and for all.

They don’t work the way you think

Do You Feel Lucky?

A new study suggests you’re significantly more likely to get COVID-19 in the two weeks after your birthday.

A new study finds high ultra-processed food intake leads to higher weight in kids, but not that much higher.

Empiric data shows no link between COVID vaccines and fertility issues

Mendelian randomization helps to tease out causality, and there does not seem to be a causal link between Vitamin D level and COVID-19.

Variants in a bitter taste receptor appear to be protective

It’s not hopeless. It’s just hard.

F. Perry Wilson, MD MSCE

Writing about medicine, science, statistics, and the abuses thereof. Commentator at Medscape. Associate Professor of Medicine at Yale University.

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