A study from Texas highlights the impact the pandemic has had on younger people.

Deaths due to coronavirus occurred most frequently in older age groups, but the greatest relative increase in death rates was not among those in their 60s, 70s, or 80s. In fact, the biggest relative increase in deaths happened in my age group — those between the ages of 25 and…

Could existing, cheap, and widely-available drugs save lives?

The hope that existing medications would prove to be effective treatments for COVID springs eternal, and a host of promising agents have come and, after rigorous study, gone.

These include classics like hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin, and slightly less-celebrated agents like melatonin.

There has even been one undeniable hit — dexamethasone…

A flawed study calls the whole syndrome into question.

Post-Acute Covid-19 Syndrome (PASC), better known as Long COVID, or long-haul COVID has been described since the very beginning of the pandemic. But, as syndromes go, this one is really hard to define. …

Alternate dosing intervals and mixing-and-matching vaccines really just give an illusion of control. But it may be worth it anyway.

Like many people in healthcare, I’ve been fielding questions from friends, family members, and the public about COVID for the past, well, almost two years. And, broadly, they fit in just a few categories.

There are the “when will we go back to normal?” questions.

There are the “Is [blank]…

F. Perry Wilson, MD MSCE

Writing about medicine, science, statistics, and the abuses thereof. Commentator at Medscape. Associate Professor of Medicine at Yale University.

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